• NOVEMBER 2014

    It’s been a busy few months in the studio, so updates on the website have fallen behind! Here’s a catch-up of recent events:
    NOW: In The Wings On A World Stage selected for OscarsĀ® !
    Following it’s Tribeca and then Leicester Square premiere earlier this year, NOW with Kevin Spacey & Sam Mendes has been longlisted for OscarĀ® consideration!

    On the red carpet at Leic. Sq. with director Jeremy Whelehan

    On the red carpet at Leic. Sq. with director Jeremy Whelehan


    David scores new Judge Dredd instalment, ‘Superfiend’
    From producer Adi Shankar (The Grey, Lone Survivor) comes an origins story set in the DC Comics world of Judge Dredd. The mini-series charts the rise of Dredd’s arch-nemesis, Judge Death. Directed by the Junquera Brothers, it is a dark, brutal animation that harks back to the twisted world of the original comics.

    David scores romantic drama ‘Joseph’s Reel’
    Directed by Michael Lavers and shot straight to 35mm by cinematographer Eben Bolter, this film starring Robert Hardy is the original, beautiful, compelling tale of a man given the chance to relive one day of his life before he dies – as long as he sticks to the original script. Due for release in 2015 following a festival run.

    David set to score Mexican drama ‘Tierra Caliente’
    Following the story of a real family in Mexico trapped between the cartels and government in the countries ongoing war on drugs, the entire script for this movie was taken verbatim from actual recordings of the family themselves – obtained, at great risk, by director Laura Plancarte. Estimated release 2015.

    David scores new advert campaign for Teflon


  • APRIL 2014

    April saw the world premiere of NOW: In The Wings On A World Stage, the documentary following Kevin Spacey and Sam Mendes’ touring production of Richard III on its world tour. The directorial debut of Jeremy Whelehan opened at the Tribeca International Film Festival
    A red carpet event in front of the world’s press kicked the night off, followed by the film itself and a post-film Q&A moderated by Charlie Rose.

    David on the red carpet at Tribeca for 'NOW'

    David on the red carpet at Tribeca for ‘NOW’


    The cast of 'NOW' in front of the world's press

    The cast of ‘NOW’ in front of the world’s press


    Post film Q&A with director Jeremy Whelehan and cast

    Post film Q&A with director Jeremy Whelehan and cast


    A star-studded after-party with the cast of 'House of Cards'

    A star-studded after-party with the cast of ‘House of Cards’


    April also saw the release of the latest in a series of Hyundai adverts for their Genesis car, scored by David and narrated by Jeff Bridges


  • MARCH 2014

    The trailer for Now, with Kevin Spacey and Sam Mendes has gone live on Yahoo Movies. Click the picture below to see:


    Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 18.02.44


    Kevin Spacey discusses NOW – The Film on Jimmy Kimmel the night of the 2014 Academy Awards – click the screenshot below to watch!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.35.10


    The latest advert for Hyundai has just been released. Featuring Jeff Bridges, their new Genesis saloon is put through its paces at the world-famous Nurburgring, accompanied by a breathless orchestral score from David.



  • FEBRUARY 2014

    The beginning of February saw the scoring of the first trailer for upcoming feature Now: In The Wings on a World Stage, the documentary that follows the Sam Mendes and Kevin Spacey production of Richard III on it’s 200 performance-long tour around the world. Trailer release to follow shortly:


    BBC4 documentary Infested! is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer until March – catch it while you can! Click on the picture to link you to the site
    Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 11.40.04


  • JANUARY 2014

    Happy New Year!

    2014 kicks off with David scoring a Hyundai commercial out in the US for their new Genesis car.


    Scoring is also completed for BBC programme Infested! with Michael Mosley. Airing expected in late February on BBC4. More details to come.


  • DECEMBER 2013

    To round off the year, David successfully secured the pitch to write the music for upcoming BBC programme, Infested! with Michael Mosley. Scoring begins toward the end of the month for the documentary that sees television’s Dr. Mosley infect himself with a variety of parasites, ranging from tapeworm to pubic lice.



  • NOVEMBER 2013

    Following an intense scoring schedule, David has finally completed the score for Kevin Spacey’s Richard III documentary, Now: In The Wings On A World Stage. A film that takes us across the world following Sam Mendes’ epic touring production of Shakespeare’s play.
    The film is expected to premiere in 2014, with distribution details to follow.


  • OCTOBER 2013

    David had the opportunity to write a score that would accompany the Duchess of Cambridge, for the 2013 SportsAid promo. Following the success of last years film (see October 2012), production company Hogarth asked David to return once more to compose for the brand.


  • SEPTEMBER 2013

    Nour Wazzi‘s hard-hitting drama Up On The Roof, scored by David M Saunders and starring Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams premieres at the BFI on the 5th of September, before going on to do the international festival circuit. Updates on screenings will be available here.



  • AUGUST 2013

    Work begins on the documentary of Sam Mendes & Kevin Spacey‘s Richard III.



    Having completed work on Up On The Roof, the score went to Boom Post in Soho for the final dubbing mix, ready for the premiere at the BFI next month:



  • JULY 2013

    July saw the scoring of new :DELIRIUM: production, From Where I’m Standing – an epic spanning 30 years, and the ripple effect of a terrorist attack in the British Embassy in Mumbai. It’s premiere in the Underbelly at Edinburgh Festival saw the score receive numerous plaudits:



  • JUNE 2013

    Work begins on scoring Nour Wazzi’s new film, Up On The Roof, starring Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams.


    Written by Anthony Attah (director – Oak Trees), the film will premiere at the British Film Institute in September.


  • MAY 2013

    David is absolutely delighted to announce that he scored the opening ceremony of the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley Stadium. The 90,000 seat stadium played host to an epic, life-size Medieval chess battle, to which David had the opportunity to utilize 380 drummers playing percussive shields, a marching drum corps, the Royal Band of Lifeguard and a mixed voice choir.


    Below is a collection of photos from the event and the run up to it:

    David conducts the mixed voice choir for the score

    Rehearsing with the marching drum corps

    The first day soundchecking at Wembley Stadium

    Rehearsing with the shield drummers on pitch

    The entire ensemble preparing for the ceremony backstage


    Composer David M Saunders calling the show from pitchside


  • APRIL 2013

    David is delighted to be able to name Hum Music in LA as one of his clients. After preliminary meetings with the production house in Santa Monica last year, he is now part of their composition roster. More to come.


  • MARCH 2013

    This month saw the airing of February’s Colgate commercial, which can be seen here:



    Additionally, David has been confirmed on a project for September with director Anthony Attah (Oak Trees), with the working title ‘Scruff’.


  • FEBRUARY 2013

    David has just finished scoring the new TV campaign for Colgate toothpaste.

    He is also working on the preliminary stages of production for new short Up On The Roof (working title) from the writer who brought you Oak Trees, Anthony Attah.


    Additionally, Oak Trees will be enjoying a screening at actress Ari PhillipsMonday Night Picture Club at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane. More details available here


  • JANUARY 2013

    Happy New Year!.


    The beginning of 2013 saw a major studio refit in preparation for the coming year. Meanwhile, work continues on the documentary of Sam Mendes and Kevin Spacey’s Richard III, due for release later this year.


    Additionally, David has been offered a position writing for an LA-based production company, following his excursion there in August. More details as they become available.


  • DECEMBER 2012

    December saw David scoring the promotional short movie for 1883 featuring Sir Ian Mckellen – this can be viewed here.



  • NOVEMBER 2012

    It was announced yesterday that David will be taking on the role of Director of Global Community at SCOREcast Online, one of the world’s largest composer communities.
    To read more about his appointment and SCOREcast, see the article below:
    David M Saunders named as new Director of Global Community


    David provided music for Channel 4‘s recent series Stephen Fry: Gadget Man


  • OCTOBER 2012



    David M Saunders is extremely proud to announce that he has been taken on by AIR Management. Based at AIR Lyndhurst where a vast number of blockbuster motion pictures are scored, he is both proud and humbled to be listed alongside talent the likes of Geoff Foster and Jake Jackson, to name but a few.


    Click the logo below for more details.





    David is absolutely delighted to announce he has been named as composer for the upcoming documentary of Sam Mendes and Kevin Spacey‘s production of Richard III.


    Directed by Jeremy Whelehan, it follows the cast and crew of the touring production around the world – watch this space!



    This month, David was approached to score the new advert for SportsAid, a charity that supports and helps future Olympians and Paralympians achieve their goals.


  • SEPTEMBER 2012

    An exciting month saw a lot of changes, new projects and opportunities going into the latter part of 2012. David has begun work on PJ Harling‘s thriller Fare, to be released later this year – here is 1m2 in progress!


    David was also commissioned to score the upcoming Batiste Dry Shampoo television commercial, due for broadcast later in the year in the run-up to Christmas


    Additionally, he has been named as composer for upcoming sci-fi thriller False+, by director Simon Hatt, shooting later this year.


  • AUGUST 2012

    This month saw both the beginning and completion of numerous commercial works. Commissioned to score the new Nectar campaign, to be released next month, David also began work on the trailer for the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game by SEGA.



    Additionally, July’s trailer for ManiaPlanet has been released, and is viewable here


  • JULY 2012

    With a vast quantity of projects on the horizon for the remainder of 2012 and into next year, David is currently focusing on score research and conceptualizing. Additionally, he is scoring Maverick Media‘s upcoming trailer for new video game franchise Mania Planet. Links will be provided on the release of the trailer.



    David was interview by web magazine The Audio Spotlight on his work as a film and television composer. The interview can be found here



  • JUNE 2012

    This month, David scored the official Maverick Media E3 showreel trailer. This was presented to delegates across the gaming industry at this months international conference.



    David also provided music for the BBC series Lost Routes with Griff Rhys Jones, a programme focusing on routes traveled by Britain’s historic royalty around the nation.



  • MAY 2012

    David has been approached by director PJ Harling (Editor – American Beauty) to score his upcoming film Fare. The crew includes talent the likes of cinematographer Steve Lawes (Sherlock – BBC), and is set to be a big hit in the sci-fi world.


  • APRIL 2012

    David was approached by director Tom Levin to join the team for his 48HR Sci-Fi Film Competition submission. David scored the film ‘Back Story’, a thriller set on an Earth caught in the midst of a battle between humans and aliens. Links will be provided once the film is released.



  • FEBRUARY 2012

    This month signaled both beginnings and endings. The beginning of a number of projects that will soon be disclosed on the site (watch this space!), and the end of an era, as the studio moves from it’s home of 3 years to a new location in South West London. Also, finishing scoring for the pilot of black comedy Extreme has led to the next stage – the programme being pitched for commission.



  • JANUARY 2012

    It’s the new year and things are really starting to hot up in the studio. With On Safer Ground drawing to a close, a number of other projects are making their way to the fore, not least Gavin Toomey’s brand new comedy, Extreme, starring Caroline Quentin (Men Behaving Badly, Jonathan Creek) and Jeremy Swift (The Smoking Room).



  • DECEMBER 2011

    December was by no means a wind-down in the studio, as David continued the feature length documentary On Safer Ground, attended the week long Research and Development period for :DELIRIUM: in Oxford, as well as scoring the new advert for Chevrolet


  • NOVEMBER 2011

    November has provided exciting news with the digital release of the soundtrack to :DELIRIUM: production, YOUR NATION LOVES YOU, which opened at the Old Vic Tunnels in 2010. The album is available to purchase here.



  • OCTOBER 2011

    Scoring for the feature-length documentary On Safer Ground by Parlourwood Films (mentioned in June’s update) began early this month. The film will be released worldwide early 2012.



  • SEPTEMBER 2011

    This month opened with David providing the score to the upcoming short, Oak Trees by director Anthony Attah. The film will be screened at Cannes Film Festival among many others.



  • AUGUST 2011

    Go To Your God Like A Soldier has returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after an unprecedented month-long sellout run, with a host of 4 and 5 star reviews.


  • JUNE 2011

    After completing the score for Eduard Vijulie’s film ‘This Reality’, the film went on to pick up the TRACC award for Best Film at the BFI


    TR Logo


    The next show from :DELIRIUM: is entitled Go To Your God Like A Soldier, and has been confirmed for a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. London previews happening mid-July at the Old Vic Tunnels. More details to follow. In the meantime, check out this website – Go To Your God Like A Soldier


    go to god logo


    David has scored Canister’s most recent video, featuring Portia Freeman


    fault promo


    Score completed for Treetops Productions video for Harper’s Bazaar featuring Emma Watson, to be released later this year.


    hb logo


    David will be scoring Parlourwood’s feature-length documentary on the island of Laos


    parlourwood logo


    To bring an extremely busy month to an end, David is now working as composer for Leafy Lane Productions


    leafy lane logo


  • APRIL 2011

    David is about to start work scoring the upcoming short film ‘This Reality’, a psychological thriller directed by Eduard Vijulie, premiering at the BFI in June.



  • APRIL 2011

    David has been taken on as composer for Video Game Trailers by MAVERICK MEDIA production



  • MARCH 2011

    Completed scoring of 1883 promo by CANISTER STUDIOS production



  • FEBRUARY 2011

    David is scoring the upcoming 2011 :DELIRIUM: production


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